I have just released my first own CD album "Fullt av folk"! Basically, it consists of Swedish folk music with a bunch of great folk musicians playing the songs I have composed. They have been given a free hand, which flavours the songs in a way I would never have thought of myself.

Participating musicians : Emma Ahlberg, Daniel Ek, Ranier Oliveira, Erik Rydvall, Esbjörn Hazelius, Roger Tallroth, Emma Reid, Sofia Karlsson, Lisa Rydberg, Gustaf Ljunggren, Henrik Cederblom, Ray Cooper, Sigrid Moldestad, Fredrik Gille, Ian Carr, Niklas Rosvall, Richard Åström.

To listen, go to: myspace.com/ollelinder


You can also order it here

Here is an extract from a koncert we had in Bergshamra toghether with Sofie Livebrant the summer 2010:

"Fullt Av Folk"