Olle Linder plays bass, drums, guitar, mandola and different kinds of percussion. After his graduation from the music program in high school -92 he has dedicated himself totally to a life as a professional musician. He has played in many different styles and with many types of groups, among others Bebo Valdes, Ale Möller and the Swedish popsinger Robyn. A great fascination for groove has caused him to get absorbed by latin music and rythms, and he has been to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina several times to study and feel the musical atmosphere there. He has also composed music for and participated in dance and theatre performances in Stockholm. Lately he has been touring with the Swedish popsinger Tomas Ledin (Drums), Brazilian singer Simone Moreno (drums, percussion), Anne Sofie von Otter (upright bass), Ale Möller-Mats Öberg-Olle Linder trio (perc/8-string guitar), Jul i Folkton (bass/percussion) and ODE


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Olle Linder